There is no doubt about it, Staffordshire is home to some of the best walking routes, and in the vast abundance of this beautiful county is Cannock Chase Forest. A mini mecca of walks! An epicenter for families who love a day outdoors. At Cannock Chase, there is everything from light picturesque strolls to long adventure trails. There is something for absolutely everyone.

So lace up your hiking shoes, pack your bag with snacks and let's send you off in good steed for the Top 3 Cannock Chase Walks.




Cannock Chase Forest is just a few miles outside Rugeley in Staffordshire. If you are traveling from The Moat House whilst staying with us, it is a short 30-minute drive to the Cannock Chase Forest Center.

The Park has easy accessibility from all directions, so eager hikers, won’t have to spend too long in the car while waiting to get parked.



The Cannock Chase Heritage Trail is a stunning 10-mile walk through the Cannock Chase District. The trail itself is linear, starting and finishing from either Cannock or Rugeley and passing through Hednesford, which means whilst this Cannock Chase Walk is 10 miles the trail is accessible from multiple stages, giving you the option for a smaller walk if you're not up for the full 10.

Along this walk, you’ll pass by fascinating sites of historic and environmental interest with information boards that detail the amazing history and stories of each location. There are multiple stop-off locations for refreshments as you pass through each town, making it perfect for those who like to break up their walks with coffee breaks!

The Trail has mixed terrain surfaces, so hiking shoes are certainly best for this walk. It is possible to bring wheelchairs and buggies, but there are some challenging gradients in the more rural areas. 

If you’re looking for one of the longer Cannock Chase Walks, then the Cannock Chase Heritage Trail is the perfect day out!



One of the shorter Cannock Chase Walks and perhaps the most picturesque, the Fairoak Trail is a very manageable 2.5-mile circular walk that starts by winding through the forest until opening out into the Fairoak valley and the truly stunning Fairoak Pools. It is the pools that make this Cannock Chase walk so great for kids, it is a perfect playground for their imagination.

One of the intriguing aspects of this trail is the coal mining history, this was the location of a colliery in the late 19th century. Keep an eye out for signs of the rich history surrounding the trail. 

The Fairoak Valley and Fairoak Pools are incredibly important habitats to the local wildlife. Swans, ducks, grey squirrels, and deer all call this place home. Including the smaller wildlife like the insects under your feet. Stay on the watch to see what wildlife you can spot!

Whilst this is a short walk perfect for families, those with buggies and wheelchairs should avoid the stepping stones crossing a stream, there is a detour with a path between the pools that will bring you back the way you came.

This is one of the most stunning and family-friendly Cannock Chase Walks in the forest, with so much wildlife in such a short distance.



The shortest of all the Cannock Chase Walks is the Ladyhill Trail - perfect for little legs as this is an easy, flat 1 mile circular walk. The Ladyhill is also suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

The trail includes all types of little adventures with the popular Fairy Trees, Gruffalo Sculpture, shelter building with the forest centre (which is always a fan favorite), and also has an open space to let the little ones run around and do what little ones do best - Play and run around like crazy! 

Right by the trail is also a goape centre making this Cannock Chase Walk a perfect addition for either before or after your tree hopping activities. The perfect excuse to make a day of it!

There is also cycle hire right by the trail for Cannock Chase in general. Ladyhill is where all the energy is and is a great meeting place for family and friends.

All in all, you are guaranteed a fantastic day out at Cannock Chase. Here are the top 3 Cannock Chase Walks to jump on, whether you're with your family or friends. Remember to make a day of it with all the other amazing things to do at Cannock Chase. Time to pack a picnic and tighten the laces on your boots!