Eco Friendly Wedding Favour Ideas to Delight Your Guests and the Planet

Your wedding should be a day to remember, not something that leaves a huge carbon footprint in its wake. From food waste, single use items and wilted floral arrangements, weddings can often be an occasion that falls at the detriment of our planet. Whilst we believe that your wedding should be exactly as you envision it, we also believe that it shouldn’t be at the cost of the environment.  
Wedding favour, oftentimes, left behind at the end of the day, or stashed into the infamous family “junk drawer” never again to see the light of day, wedding favours can create more waste than necessary. So, let’s find a way to make sure that you choose eco-friendly wedding favours that are as desirable as they are mindful of our planet.  


Why Eco-friendly Wedding Favours? 

Whilst wedding favours are a centuries-old tradition, they can too often be more of a flop than a flair. You can spend ages poring over the various options, only for your guests to discard them soon after the day is done. Often, couples can opt for wedding favours that have no real practical application post wedding day - meaning that all your hard effort and money go to complete waste. But financial cost aside, you need to consider the impact that your favours have on the environment. By having a more mindful approach, you can opt for eco-friendly wedding favours that your guests will cherish.  

Our Top 5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours 

D.I.Y Favours 

Not only can wedding favours be an environmental nightmare, but they can also cost the earth. Quite literally. By opting for homemade, “DIY” wedding favours, you can add a real personal touch, knowing that each and every one has been crafted with your guests in mind. As well as saving on the pennies, you’ll also be able to make eco-friendly wedding favour choices - by knowing exactly where the materials have been sourced through to the recyclability of each item so that you can educate your guests to dispose of packaging responsibly.  
Here are some of our favourite DIY eco-friendly wedding favour suggestions: 
Eco-friendly soaps  
Homemade fragranced tealights 
Seed based gifts - so the love can keep growing!  

Get Thrifty  

Personally, we love a bargain charity shop find. Or, as our fellow friends over the pond call it - a thrift shop. There’s nothing better than finding a hidden gem tucked away and realising that, lo and behold, it’s your size too! It’s meant to be.  
Apply this same enthusiasm to your wedding day and you’re onto a winner with eco-friendly wedding favours. Not only are you going to save some money by buying second hand, you’re also reusing an otherwise unwanted item. Think upcycled chic - where your eco-friendly wedding favours can undergo a mini makeover to make them truly unique to your day. One great tip we have when thrifting is to take a little trip out to an upmarket town, where you know the locals will don fashionable items and love to buy tasteful pieces for their homes and you’re certain to find some gold dust!  

Avoid Personalised Wherever Possible! 

Whilst personalised gifts can be great for birthdays and Christmas, the likelihood is, your wedding guests don’t need a personalised memento to remember your day. Between smartphones filled with photographs and anecdotes to regale over the years, you can be sure your wedding day will be one to remember. So, don’t add to your troubles by trying to find or create eco-friendly wedding favours that are emblazoned with details of your day. Whilst the sentiment is lovely, the reality is that the majority of your guests won’t want to drink out of Mr & Mrs Smith engraved shot glasses after your big day has passed. 

Wedding fl-avours 

Ok excuse the terrible word play but, how could we not?! The point is, let’s face it, everyone loves a little treat. Plus, they rarely go to waste. By choosing an eco-friendly wedding favour that is edible or drinkable, you’re guaranteed a crowd pleaser. Whether you choose a tasteful selection of wedding themed pick n mix, or even your own signature cocktail to-go. There are so many edible wedding favour options, so get creative and watch your guests swoon! 
Some of our favourite and unique food-ie favours are: 
Olive Oil wedding favours 
Locally sourced honey pots 
Loose leaf organic tea  
Mini shots to get the party going 

Think Practically 

Nobody wants to take home yet another item that will just take up space in our already cluttered lives. So, when choosing your wedding favours, think about practical items that your guests will actually take home and use on a regular basis. From signature scented candles to potted succulents, a practical gift can go far. If you’re struggling for ideas, when sifting through your options, just ask yourself “would I use this?” If the answer’s a firm “no”, move on to the next idea until you find the right fit.  

Or, Ditch the Wedding Favours entirely 

Whilst they’re a lovely tradition, on the most part wedding favours are no friend to the environment, despite the steps you take to make them as eco friendly as possible. So, the other alternative is to completely remove them from your day all together. Because let’s face it, the most eco-friendly wedding favours are the ones that don’t exist at all! 
Nowadays, there are so many creative and unique ways to make your wedding an eco-friendly affair, so that you can enjoy your day without worrying about the impact your choices will leave behind after you’ve shared your nuptials. If you’re planning your big day and want one less thing to worry about, why not get in touch with our expert team at The Moat House, so that no matter what route you decide to go down for your wedding favours, you can plan your wedding knowing you’re in the hands of committed professionals who will go to the ends of the earth to make your day special.