Planning a wedding involves meticulous attention to detail, and one of the essential elements to consider is the wedding day schedule for your big day. Creating a well-structured timeline ensures that everything runs smoothly and allows you to make the most of every precious moment. In this blog, we'll guide you through the ideal wedding day schedule we recommend for our couples at The Moat House, from the preparations in the morning to the grand finale in the late evening. Let's dive in and discover how to orchestrate a seamless and unforgettable wedding day.


Here is Our Wedding Day Schedule Example

7:00am - Bridal Party Prep:
To start off your wedding day schedule, the day begins with bridal party preparations. It's time for the bride, bridesmaids, and other key members to indulge in hair and makeup sessions. This is also an opportune time for bonding and sharing heartfelt moments over breakfast and a few glasses of bubbly with your closest loved ones.


12:30pm - Groom & Ushers Arrive:
The groom and ushers should arrive at the venue to finalise any last-minute details and ensure everything is in place for the ceremony. You don’t want your wedding day schedule to be rushed, arriving in a timely fashion allows them time to relax, put buttonholes on and be available for the registrars for the pre ceremony interview.


1:00pm - Guests Arrive:
As guests arrive, they are greeted with warmth and guided to their seats. It is a great idea to schedule this early arrival time because it gives guests an opportunity to mingle, soak in the ambience, and embrace the anticipation of the upcoming ceremony.


1:30pm - Ceremony:
Your wedding day schedule is built entirely around this special moment, the much-awaited ceremony begins. With the bride's grand entrance, heartfelt vows, and the exchange of rings, this is the centrepiece of your wedding day. Allow yourself to be fully present and cherish every moment as you embark on this beautiful journey together.


2:00pm - Drinks Reception, Canapés, and Photographs:
Following the ceremony, it's time to transition an already busy wedding day schedule into a relaxed and joyous atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a drinks reception and indulge in delectable canapés while you and your partner capture timeless memories with your photographer. This is an excellent opportunity for candid moments, group photos with family and friends and your chance to put your rowing skills to the test!


3:30pm - Speeches:
As the afternoon progresses, it's one of the most anticipated moments of every wedding day schedule, it’s time to gather everyone for speeches. From heartfelt words of love and gratitude to humorous anecdotes and well wishes, the speeches add a personal touch and create lasting memories. Ensure that each speaker is given a specific time slot to maintain a smooth flow of the proceedings.


4:00pm - Wedding Breakfast:
You might be thinking why breakfast is at 4:00pm on your wedding day schedule, don’t panic, it’s just wedding lingo! (link the underlined to the wedding lingo article) In fact, the wedding breakfast, or the formal sit-down meal, takes centre stage at this time. Guests are seated, and the delectable cuisine is served. This is a time for celebration, indulgence, and connecting with loved ones around the table.


6:00pm - Room Turned Around for Evening Reception:
As the day progresses into the evening, our team works diligently to transform the space for the upcoming evening reception. This involves rearranging furniture, adjusting lighting, and setting the stage for a vibrant atmosphere. During this time your guests can mingle in the bar area as well as checking into their bedrooms for the evening.


7:00pm - Evening Guests Arrive:
The evening guests arrive, adding a fresh wave of energy to the celebration. They are greeted with warmth and guided to the designated areas, ensuring a smooth transition from the daytime festivities to the evening entertainment.


7:30pm - DJ/Live Band Starts:
To set the mood for the evening, the DJ or live band starts playing their enchanting tunes. Whether you prefer the energy of a live band or the versatility of a DJ, the music creates a captivating ambiance and encourages guests to hit the dance floor and celebrate.


8:45pm - Cutting of the Cake:
It's time to gather everyone's attention for a cherished tradition - the cutting of the cake. This delightful moment symbolises the couple's unity and the sharing of sweetness in their journey together. Capture this moment with your photographer and revel in the joyous applause from your loved ones.


8:50pm - First Dance:
Another wonderful memory to be made with your wedding day schedule is the first dance as a married couple. This is a magical moment that deserves its own spotlight. With your chosen song playing, let yourselves be swept away in each other's arms, surrounded by the love and support of your guests. This is a cherished memory you'll treasure for a lifetime.


9:00pm - Evening Buffet:
To keep guests energised throughout the night, a delicious evening buffet is served. From scrumptious finger foods to late-night snacks, this provides an opportunity for guests to refuel and continue enjoying the festivities.


11:00pm - Live Music Ends:
As the night progresses, the live music comes to a close, leaving guests with memories of an unforgettable dance party. This signals a transition to the final stage of the evening's celebrations.


1:00am - DJ Ends & Bar Closes:
The DJ wraps up the evening, bidding farewell to the dance floor. The bar closes, marking the end of a joyous celebration. This is also the end of your incredible wedding day schedule  as it's time for guests to bid their goodbyes and for the couple to revel in the love and happiness shared throughout the day.


Crafting an ideal wedding day schedule ensures that every aspect is thoughtfully planned and executed. By following the timeline outlined above, you'll create a seamless and unforgettable experience for you, your partner, and your guests. Remember, this timeline serves as a guide, and you can customise it to suit your preferences and specific wedding arrangements. Embrace the journey, cherish every moment, and let your wedding day unfold with grace and joy.

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