Each year The Wedding Academy creates a report all about the upcoming trends for weddings in the year to come. This year’s report is slightly different, as they’ve also looked at how the pandemic has changed weddings and how this will carry through into 2021. Not only is it a great tool for wedding suppliers and venues but also for couples to get inspiration for their own wedding plans. The report is a long one (157 pages to be exact!), so we’ve saved you the bedtime reading and done a roundup with everything you need to know.


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New lingo

With weddings changing to meet government restrictions in 2020 with those changes came a whole new vocabulary. From minimonies to micro weddings, it can all be a bit confusing with so many new terms flying around. Here’s a breakdown of what’s what:


Micro Wedding

The phrase ‘micro wedding’ has been used as a bit of a catch all to describe the scaled down weddings we saw in 2020 whether couples were planning to have other celebrations later on (when restrictions allow) or not, but according to the Wedding Trend Report it actually means something slightly different. They define a micro wedding as a wedding where the couple decide to have their full wedding experience with under 50 people but have a similar budget to a traditional wedding with higher guest numbers.

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An option that many of our couples in 2020 decided to go for. This is when couples opt for a mini wedding now with the focus being on the legal ceremony and a small wedding breakfast and move their original and bigger wedding plans to a later date once restrictions have been eased.

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Sequel Wedding

As the name suggests, this is the term given to the original wedding plans that take place on a postponed date for couples who opted for a minimony. We love the ‘wed now party later’ movement as it gives couples the best of both worlds, a small intimate ceremony followed by a huge party!

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2020 Stats

Unsurprisingly over 80% of weddings that were due to take place in 2020 were postponed. 

However, interestingly 48% of couples who went ahead with their weddings in 2020 either increased their budget or kept it the same even despite having smaller numbers.

In summer, when lockdown was eased, wedding suppliers and venues saw enquiries increase by 15% (we’re expecting to see the same happen this year, so get in touch here to get ahead of the crowd!).

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Key trends for 2021

One of the biggest trends we expect to see continue in 2021 is short notice wedding planning, or at the very least seeing couples be more weary of planning too far in advance. As government restrictions ease in 2021 and maximum numbers (hopefully) increase, couples and suppliers alike will need to adapt their plans to make the most of any easing of restrictions.

The other key trend that is likely to carry over into 2021 is weddings becoming more intentional and detailed. The pandemic (and the government restrictions that came with it) forced couples to strip back their guest numbers and focus on what really mattered to them. It made us stop and remember the reason behind weddings, the marriage and the love the couple share. This returning to our roots saw couples focus more on the experience of their guests, it’s all about quality not quantity. 


With lower guest numbers, couples have more choice available to them. Fancy a gourmet bespoke 7 course menu, where each course represents a trip you’ve taken together or significant milestone in your relationship? Or how about treating your guests to a glass of that Champagne you drank on the night you got engaged? These intentional and personal weddings are highly detailed and full of personal touches that showcase the individuality of the couple and their love for each other.

Whether you’re planning to follow the latest trends or do something different, here at The Moat House we have plenty of choice to allow our couples to plan their wedding day their way and help you create the day of your dreams.