10 questions to ask your wedding florist

Planning a wedding involves making numerous decisions, from choosing the perfect venue to selecting a mouthwatering menu. One aspect that adds beauty and elegance to your special day is the floral arrangements. Flowers have the power to transform any space, create a romantic atmosphere, and reflect your unique style.

Finding a florist who; will work within your budget, is available on your big day and is capable of bringing your floral vision to life, isn’t the easiest task to complete. Floristry is rarely something many of us have ever had an in-depth knowledge of before planning a wedding and, like a lot of elements of wedding planning, it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together our top 10 questions for couples to ask florists to help you unveil your ideal florist and build your floral heaven together.  


1. Are you available for my wedding date?

This may seem obvious, but asking whether they can accommodate your wedding is the very first you should think about. There’s no point in doing hours of research into a florist, thinking ‘they’re the one’ and then finding out they don’t have the availability. Save yourselves from the heartbreak!


2. Can I see your portfolio?

Wanting to see what they can do is an important step as you need to make sure their style and the look you’re hoping to achieve are in sync. Also, you may see something that you want to incorporate into your wedding, after all you can never have enough inspiration.


3. Can you work with my budget?

Couples are usually surprised by the cost of flowers and underestimate the skill and expertise florists possess. It is therefore crucial that you discuss your budget with any prospective florist early on in the process to get an understanding of what is achievable and what compromises you may have to consider. Your florist will know what they can do to help you get the best from them, with the budget that you have. Just remember, they want your business just as much as you want their creative genius.


4. What flowers are in season for my wedding date?

Your florist will know the ins and outs of what flowers are going to be the best options for you. Make the most of their expertise, especially if you’re keen to stick to the sustainable option and opt for British grown flowers.


5. What are the limitations/considerations of my chosen blooms, if any?

Some flowers are more delicate than others, and will not stand being handled excessively. Whereas others are going to have much more robust stems that you will be able to use for the harder jobs, such as buttonholes and bouquets that are going to be disturbed throughout the day, and the last thing you want is your gorgeous blooms losing their head halfway down the aisle.


6. Do you have a back-up plan in case a specific item/ flower becomes unavailable?

You and your florist should sit down and go through substitutes that you are willing to swap, should anything not go to plan. You do not want to get caught out with no alternatives at the last minute.


7. How often will we be in contact before the wedding?

There are so many different suppliers to deal with on the run up to your wedding day, it’s best to know from the off how regularly your florist will want to meet with you.


8. How do we book?

Finding out what information your florist needs is going to be beneficial, should you decide that they are the florist for you, along with knowing whether they will require a deposit on booking. This just means that you can get everything all ready for a quick and easy booking process.


9. What are the payment terms?

Knowing when payments are due will help you get your affairs in order and help you manage your budget. Also, always ask if there are any payment plans available that will help you spread your payments out.


10. What is the cancellation policy?

In the rare event that you do need to cancel, it’s always best to know where you stand with your suppliers. Cancellation policies vary from business to business, but it is always worth being well informed before you book.

So, there you have it, your essential guide to finding your wedding florist. Just remember that these are just that, a guideline, to act as a kick off point for your first consultation with potential options. Don’t forget to always look for reviews and testimonials from past couples to get a good idea for what it’s like to work with a specific florist before you go ahead and book.

Ultimately, you want someone who has been there, done that and caught the bouquet. The perfect florist will be able to cater to your preferences, offer counsel for what is going to be doable and provide a professional yet friendly approach to your dream wedding.  

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