It’s tree planting time at The Moat House!

The Moat House at Acton Trussell already has a wonderful array of trees within its five acre site next to the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal. The popular wedding venue, hotel and restaurant makes a perfect wildlife habitat as well as the ideal place for people to enjoy a drink in the moated setting. However this setting needs careful management, which is undertaken by the use of professional tree surgeons and Alan, the resident gardener.

The Tree Council state that there are up to one million trees planted each year in the UK and their aims are to encourage the planting of more trees to increase the diversity of our tree stock.  Unfortunately, at The Moat House, our early 1980’s tree planting schemes were single species and they have suffered from pests and diseases resulting in the loss of a number of wonderful specimen trees.

So now we are diversifying the range of our tree stock to enhance the chance of tree survival.  This will hopefully see them becoming more resilient to pests and diseases and further enhance the setting of The Moat House which already has a fantastic diversify of wildlife, both in the woodland on the site, and living in and around the hotels moated setting.

Enlisting the help of our resident gardener Alan, we planted a selection of native and ornamental trees on the south bank of the moat overlooking the hotel, and we selected a range of species to increase biodiversity.

This included Hazel (cover for the smaller mammals), some 4 year old native standards – Rowan also known as Mountain Ash, Golden Weeping Willow, Silver Birch and Nordmann Fir.

Ongoing management of the existing tree stock includes replacing the casualties, and this included planting another couple of beech trees unfortunately lost in the dry summer last year.

During February , we will continue planting the woodland bank  between the hotel car park and the events field opposite St James Church.

Tree planting isn’t the only green initiative at The Moat House, Acton Trussell the introduction of solar panels in 2017 has resulted in a substantial reduction in the Stafford based hotels CO2 emissions and is equivalent to planting over 25 trees per annum